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Why do you need a B4U Close Home Inspection?

A home purchase is usually the biggest investment a person will make in their lifetime, representing tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars.  In comparison the price of a home inspection, given the dollar value of defects, safety issues or needed repairs that may be identified, is miniscule.

Compared with other costs involved in the real estate transaction, the B4U Close Home Inspection fee is a bargain.  Especially given the potential negotiating strength the Home Inspection Report provides to a Buyer or Seller.

can negotiate for pre-closing repairs of the home or a significantly reduced price, by being aware of all the problems or safety issues a home presents, and the costs to repair those problems or safety issues.  Buyers can also make an informed decision as to whether or not they can really afford that particular property based on the problems, defects, or safety issues needing correction and the maintenance issues the property needs.

can maintain the value of the property by having a pre-listing inspection.  With the results of a pre-listing inspection, the seller will have already repaired some defects or safety issues, and considered the remainder, in setting the price of the property.  This inspection can avoid last minute surprises over the issues that a buyer's inspection brings to the negotiating table at the last minute.

Samples of our inspection report are available on this web site.

Please call or e-mail us with your information to obtain the price of a professional home inspection.

Whatever your decision, don't buy a home without a Professional Home Inspection.

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